All sellers spaces are pre-booked and pre-paid,
choose the one for you!

10 Euro - Christmas Seller Space 
{only available for our Christmas Fair - 22nd Nov 2014}

18 Euro - Half Seller Space 
a space for sellers happy to empty their wardrobes selling small items

30 Euro - Standard Seller Space
a space for sellers with big items (highchairs, strollers, nursery furniture, etc...)

45 Euro -  Trade
a space for retailers and distributors

15 Euro - Consultants 
a space for all the professionals happy to help us improve our knowledge around babies, pregnancy, parenting, nutrition, massage, slings, breastfeeding, yoga, pilates, music, etc.


You choose your Seller Space on the day of the sale, depending on the Space you booked.

We provide your table (6.5x2.5ft approx. 200x75cm) and chairs. 
You will have a table and space all around it (approx. 1ft on each side) and more space behind the table (max. 2.5ft).

We provide your insurance and we cover all marketing and advertising costs.
You set all your prices and sell directly to the Buyers at the sale.
Most importantly, you get to keep all the cash you make on the day :-)
If you plan to sell clothes, you may bring one clothes rail with you at no extra charge.
Doors open to Sellers exactly one hour before the doors are open to Buyers.
At the end of the sale, you must take all un-sold goods home with you.


book your space



At every Arís event you will only find top-quality goods!
A full list of what’s going to be on sale at each event will be published on our website prior to the sale.
You’ll be buying from experienced parents so use this opportunity to ask as many questions as you like.
Big goods e.g. Buggies, cots, highchairs etc will be at most, half of their original “new” price.

Arís is your chance to buy!

Everything will be priced to sell on the day and most Sellers will be prepared to haggle so, give it a go!!
Perfectly good Baby and Toddler items for greatly reduced prices.
Most items on sale are second-hand but there are usually some new goods available too.

  • Bring cash! Our Sellers don’t accept cheques and there are no credit card facilities at the sale.
  • Bring bags! Our Sellers don’t provide them, and you’ll surely end up buying a lot more than what you were thinking... who can resist all these bargains?
  • We operate a 'Testing Area' at all of our sales, so please feel free to plug in the monitor, fold and unfold the buggy or see if you child fits into that highchair!
  • Second-hand car seats are always in high demand but please, test it fully first.
  • Remember, you too can sell your baby and toddler goods at the next Arís event so look after them well!

Admission is €3 per Family, all children go free.

Finally, for any more information about up and coming Arís Events, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or join our facebook page or mailing list.